2016 Schedule of Events: Formation Year for 2017-2020

Feb 12-14:       National San Jose: Leadership Conference – 2 Board Members Attended

Apr 17: Bd Mtg

Organizational Related – Final Non Profit Status

April 20:           Oregon Coos Bay: Visit to Marshfield HS – Coos Bay (Downs-Jensen)

Apr 21:            Oregon Salem: Youth Mtg, DC Coordination

May 8:             National Newport: DAR Letter Writing, Guinness Goal: 10,000 ~ Results: 100,904!

May 10: Bd Mtg

Decision on Sof45 Day Events – Sat-Sun

May 18:           Oregon Salem: Youth Mtg, DC Coordination

May 28-Jun 2:   National DC: MEMORIAL DAY PARADE — Youth Team (F/up w US Sen. Wyden)

Includes Visiting Pentagon Gen. Bentz & Friends of the WWII Memorial (J. Fisher)

Revised: June 16: Bd Mtg

June 16:         Oregon Clackamas: Initial Meeting with Willamette National Cemetery

June 16:          Oregon Salem: Youth Meeting, Report Out on DC

June 22-23:    Oregon Troutdale: B-24, B-17 Event/B-24 Bombardier Author, WWII Member, Youth

Jul 12: Bd Mtg

Aug 9:  Bd Mtg

Aug 9:              Oregon Salem: Holding Court, Salem (Promote Spirt of ’45 Day)

Aug 14:            Oregon Portland: SPIRIT OF ’45 DAY – Willamette National Cemetery

Sept 13: Bd Mtg

Sept 15-18:     Oregon Lincoln City: Celebration of Honor hosted by Chinook Winds

Oct 11: Bd Mtg

Nov 8:  Bd Mtg

Sept-Oct:        International Europe: American Battle Monument Commission Sites (Proposed)

Nov 11             Oregon Multi State: VETERANS DAY PARADE – Albany (Roseburg, Portland)

Nov 12             Oregon Salem: Library Authorama—CCTV Opportunity

Dec 6-7:          National, DC: Friends of the National WWI Memorial – Washington, D.C.

Dec 8               National, VA Symposium – Oregon Grace Warde Rep

Dec 13: Bd Mtg

Jan 10: Bd Mtg